The Truth Hurts

Hey everyone!

Before I start I just want to say a big thank you. The site has been receiving ridiculous amounts of hits. Now, I know you come for my galleries but it does mean a lot to me to think that people interact with me too. If you do ever fancy saying hello, leave a comment or tweet me!

So this week’s RAW was coming off Survivor Series where we got a new WWE Champion, CM Punk. Punk, however, wasn’t simply going to just carry a belt. He reckons he’s got a mission and he wanted to let the WWE Universe know. Well, first off, he said we shouldn’t be a Universe. We’re fans. I must say, I love when he says stuff like this. I get that the average wrestling fan is probably a bit chunkier at the waist but to refer to us a solar system is a bit harsh.

Punk said he wants to be an agent for change (he doesn’t mean a sex change doctor btw) and that he thinks that the fans should get what they want. He also thinks that John Laurinaitis should resign. This to me, would be a travesty. The man just gets increasingly better week on week. He’s hilarious. Well, with that, Laurinaitis made his way out and said that Punk needs to realise that Laurinaitis can do things on the fly. Punk challenged this but Laurinaitis made it clear that he doesn’t need tattoos to be cool. Seriously, how can you not adore that man?

So a match was made for next week where Alberto Del Rio will get his rematch but tonight it was to be Dolph Ziggler v CM Punk. The crowd and Punk made it obvious they wanted Ryder but the deal was done. Punk then sort-of threatened Laurinaitis with physical harm but he did really clever wording so that he wouldn’t get fired. Such… a hoot.

We then got treated to an exclusive clip of The Rock giving a speech after Survivor Series and the crowd chanting “We Want Ryder”. This was followed by The Rock pretending he wasn’t pissed off that someone else was stealing his limelight. What an asshole.

This then lead in to Zack Ryder taking on Alberto Del Rio. The match, in all honesty, was a bit of a squash but Ryder actually held his own. I’m still on the side of thinking Ryder is over-rated but he’s certainly innovative.

Then Sheamus went up against Jack Swagger. It was a nice call back to the fact Sheamus got DQ’d from the elimination match for pummeling Swagger. It’s widely believed that, that was a re-worked finish due to Sin Cara super-botching and injuring his knee. Woopsie. Another good match and it’s clear having Vickie in his corner is helping Swagger. He lost, but still, nice work.

We were then subjected to Kevin Nash. Since HHH hasn’t been around we’ve been given the same speech week after week about how HHH is a terrible friend and Nash is really upset. Boo hoo. I wish he’d stop turning up on RAW and write in his journal instead. Nash banged on about thinking he had a friend but instead he had a boss and now he’s the only Kliq member left standing. Do you know how many people were left standing? Nobody. They all used their Diva bathroom break for Nash.

Then the beautiful Cody Rhodes turned up. You’ve probably noticed but I’d like to reiterate that Cody’s new trunks send me wild. The dude looks stacked. I’m actually in love. Cody explained his new attitude by saying that having the mask made him vulnerable to predators (he meant physical, not sexual before you get smart). He said that now the mask was off he is free to be the best he can be. He then showed this by defeating Santino Morella in a quick match.

It was after the match that the real action happened. Booker T has been burying Cody whilst announcing for weeks and well, Cody finally reached his boiling point and confronted him. Cody screamed that “I WATCH THE SHOW” which was totally cute. I wonder if he masturbates watching his matches like I do? What? TMI? Anyway, Cody decided that Booker needed cooling down so threw some water over him. I guess Booker T is another addition to the long list of people Cody Rhodes has made wet. ZIIIING.

In a backstage interview, Josh Matthews tried to make Dolph realise he got eliminated so technically didn’t win two Survivor Series matches. Dolph, however, disagreed because he was technically on the winning team. Dude has a point but I may be biased on the account of erections Dolph has bestowed upon my crotch. Dolph then said he was the new face of WWE.

This then lead into his match against CM Punk. A match that was wasted on RAW. It was fantastic and Dolph’s drop kick on Punk is something to behold. Punk was amazing too and, despite a slip up, the match ran smooth. These are two men who are very good in ring and I’d say go and bloody watch it. It was made doubly hilarious when Vickie Guerrero intervened and started flirting with Punk.

Then Big Show came out and said a bunch of stuff about wanting to fist Mark Henry. I dunno. Lost interest.

Backstage Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly were playing WWE 12. Did you know WWE had a new video game? No? Me neither. They never mention it (!) Either way, Beth Phoenix and Natalya walked in and said something about Barbie characters not crying in the game. It was dumb but they’re doing the best with what they can. Plus, that finisher Beth hit on Eve at Survivor Series makes up for everything.

Wade Barrett went up against Kofi Kingston. I’m not a Barrett fan. I find him boring and his matches really samey. Now he’s feuding with Orton my interest has bottomed out even more. Sorry guys but that’s how it is. Barrett beat Kingston and then did his winners announcement himself, gloating to Orton who was doing his Brokeback Mountain “I wish I knew how to quit you” stare.

After that John Cena turned up. He said that Survivor Series was interesting and then decided to relay everything that happened. Um, leave the recapping to me OK? Thank you. Cena then said that The Rock was clearly at the top of his game and that will only make their Wrestlemania match all the more better. As he said so, The Miz and R Truth interrupted. They said that nobody cares about Cena as The Rock has taken over. It was a good segment but slightly marred by the fact I found out R Truth had been suspended before watching.

John Cena then turned the tables and said that they should worry about each other. He said Miz thought Truth was riding his coattails and that Truth thought Miz was a pompous ass whose greatest achievement was being a skinny loudmouth on a crappy reality TV show. Or something along those lines.

Miz and Truth started shoving each other but decided to go after Cena. However, as they made it to the top of the ramp, Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Truth. Interesting how the suspension announcement came the day after Truth had the perfect exit storyline.

I smell a C-O-N SPIRACY!

Until next time,


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Twurvivor Series Tweview

OK. So two things are currently going on. I’m tired and I’m lazy.

So, instead of my usual recap I’ve decided to go a different route and adopt WWE’s irritating obsession over Twitter.

So here is a collection of my tweets during Survivor Series. Many of them are out of context… see if you can guess what I’m referring to. There are a few hilarious retweets on their too so please follow those people. Just scroll to the bottom and work your way up. That’s what we do here on Wrestlebitch… we start at the bottom ;).

Also, tweet me YOUR favourite Survivor Series tweets. If there’s enough, I’ll post the best ones. Even if they’re your own tweets just quote them and mention me!

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Boots To Guesses

Hey everyone!

Still no space upgrade on my account just yet so no recaps and stuff. But, what can I do? Well… I can provide some Survivor Series prediction-ness. Totes a word.

Here goes.

Beth Phoenix v Eve (Lumberjill Match for Divas Championship)

So this match has had terrible build up. I mean really… it was about as well built as the Three Pig’s straw house. Anyhoo, who do I think will win? Well it’s been interesting considering that Beth has been constantly been beaten by lesser-Divas. I actually think the real action tonight will be between the Lumberjills. It was teasted on Smackdown to have Kaitlyn turn heel on AJ so I think tonight we’ll see some double crossing and a few shocks.

Back to the actual match, I reckon that tonight will be a victory for Eve.

Dolph Ziggler v John Morrison (US Title)

So poor Dolph is doubling up on yet another PPV. Interesting really how that’s happened twice now. I think it’s either showing faith in Dolph or it’s a blinding lack of push given to the current roster. I do think that Dolph is moving onwards and upwards and I feel that he’s soon going to be going after the WWE title. I would even have him down as a potential holder of the Money In The Bank contract. I also think that John Morrison is beggining to lose faith. He’s losing matches, he’s jobbing and him even getting this shot was a stab in the dark. There’s also Zack Ryder’s petition. I think that this match may become a Triple Threat possibly.

With this in mind I’m going to say Dolph loses the title and Zack Ryder wins. It sounds bizarre but I think Dolph losing will cause the cracks in his psyché that Dolph needs.

Team Orton v Team Barrett

This is sadly the only traditional Survivor Series match. It would be interesting to see if the Lumberjill match ends up getting out of hand and the Divas end up having one. That’s a long shot but anyway…

It’s hard to predict this so I’ll take guesses at order of elimination.

1st: Kofi
2nd: Jack Swagger
3rd: Hunico
4th: Dolph Ziggler
5th: Sin Cara
6th: Mason Ryan

I then think that Team Barrett will take the win.

Alberto Del Rio v CM Punk (WWE Title)

Another match I’m sort of interested in seeing where it goes but at the same time it’s a bit ‘meh’. There’s a certain awkwardness around CM Punk which is akin to when you kiss a crush whilst drunk and then sort of send them a text after beggining them to love you and then they don’t reply… JEFF WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME BACK? HUH?! CALL ME YOU ASSHOLE. I mean, what? Shut up.

Anyways, who will win? I’m going to go for CM Punk.

Mark Henry v Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship)

This has been a well built match. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with it as the whole ring-collapse thing was pretty awesome. I think that it’s always going to be difficult to have a GREAT match with two men of that size but I think the passion they put across is going to really get them through. I’m torn here by the fact that Mark Henry’s reign has been awesome. There’s also the whole Daniel Bryan angle. So, who do I think will win? I think nobody will.

I think that Show and Henry will beat themselves to a DQ or double count out then Daniel Bryan will cash in and win.

John Cena & The Rock v The Awesome Truth

OK, I’m going to be the lone voice in the crowd. I don’t like The Rock’s return. I don’t understand why he feels he can come back, say he’s back for good then not appear for months. I get he moves on but he’s come back, insulted John Cena fans and sodded off. I get he’s The Rock but I don’t feel he’s needed but, he’s happening and that’s that. I reckon that this will be a good match. The Rock wrestling again is still a big draw and despite my reservations, I think once I see him back in his trunks and bouncing around I’ll get the same excitement I used to watching The Rock.

I also think it’ll be interesting to see if we get that heel turn by Cena. One of these guys has to be a bad guy going into ‘Mania. But who will it be? That’s the golden question.

I’m going to predict somebody gets double crossed (my view is that Cena will turn heel) and that The Awesome Truth take the win.

But what do you think? Let me know via Twitter, Tumblr or the comments below!

RAW Gets Halloweird

Hey! Long time no recap. How are you? Oh really? Oh well, I’m sure that’ll heal up just fine. Anyways, this week’s RAW was a Halloween Muppet Extravaganza and boy was everyone not looking forward to this. Many said they were jumping the shark, that WWE had finally lost the plot… turns out they were the best guest hosts in, like, ever. So what went down?

Well we opened with The Rock who’d made a real effort to travel all the way to RAW. Oh wait, no, it was a pre-recorded video message from his home in Miami. How nice. Rocky was replying to Cena’s request to be his partner at Survivor Series. The Rock found this hilarious and said no to Cena but then he said he wanted to change his mind. I’m really disliking The Rock element of WWE now. The guy says he’s never going anywhere and he hasn’t been around in months. I dunno, I just see it backfiring. Rock also enjoys putting down Cena fans which is just stupid. Cena fans are the ones buying the merch. Oh, and also, I became a Cena fan because The Rock left for Hollywood. So rude. Anyway, eventually The Rock said yes and that would’ve been a bigger thing if WWE hadn’t been advertising the fact he’s wrestling at Survivor Series. Whoopsie.

Then we had our first match which was CM Punk v Mark Henry. They showed some footage of the AWESOME ring collapse at Vengeance which I’m sure is on that YouTube thingy. A lot of people bitching and whining about it already being done but who cares? Trust me, I’m an expert at having the same thing done repeatedly inside a ring. Before the match got under way my new favourite person John Laurinaitis (whose name I don’t know if I’m spelling correctly) came out. Now, everyone seems to be hating on him but I think his character totally works. It’s understated but still evil and his voice plays well to that. I like him. Anyhoo, he said that if Punk can beat Henry then he’ll be able to face Del Rio at Survivor Series.

The match was going well until Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriquez came down and interfered. Del Rio sent his stooge into the ring to beat up Henry in order for Henry to win via DQ. This worked and Punk lost meaning no title match. Not one to let things slide, Punk attacked Del Rio and Rodriquez and threw him to the lions… or Mark Henry.

Then it was Muppet time as Miss Piggy and Kermit popped up to say hi. Miss Piggy was about to explain why she is the original Diva but was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger. Vickie and Piggy clearly didn’t get along and Swagger threatened them both. Kermit, however, slammed Vickie by saying they didn’t want any trouble from Swagger… or his mother. See? Muppets rule. Santino then got involved and announced that Swagger needs to warm up for a match against him. Swagger said he’d have Dolph on his side (aww, bromance) but Santino said that “John Laryngitis” told him Dolph also has a match against Zack Ryder.

After this announcement, Kelly Kelly came out and snogged Kermit as we headed for the Divas Halloween Battle Royal. Many people have said that WWE Divas haven’t come on very far but I remember when the Divas used to dress up when there wasn’t a match involved. Heck, a Smackdown Thanksgiving episode saw two Divas wrestle in gravy. Progress, people. Pretty much all the Divas were there but there could only be one winner… Eve! Natalya and Beth Phoenix then set on Eve but Alicia Fox (me neither) and Kelly Kelly jumped to her defence. I smell a Survivor Series Matchhhhhh.

We then zoomed backstage to where the good folks in the Muppet Labs were making an energy drink for Santino. Beaker was ordered to go deliver it but ran into Christian who called him a nerd and poured his drink on the floor. Luckily, Sheamus was there to rescue him and the two discussed how Sheamus couldn’t make the family reunion. It was a cute as fucking kittens.

The next match was AirBoom v Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. It’s interesting to point out this will be the last time we’ll see Evan for a while considering his suspension for violating the wellness policy. I guess we know what made him fly so high. The match was actually pretty good but I’m always biased because I literally want to bury my face into Cody’s ass and live there forever. The match ended with a Cody/Wade win and the two went to put the hurtin’ on AirBoom and, just for the lols, Christian ran in to take part. But, as with everything in WWE, the numbers were evened up as Sheamus saved the day. I so hope WWE wasn’t hoping for a 6 Man Tag at Survivor Series because Evan totally fucked that up.

Backstage again, where CM Punk wasn’t happy with John Laurinaitis as he was screwed out of his title shot. He started to insult my new favourite person but Laurinaitis simply told him that match is still on if Punk can get Del Rio to agree. See? He’s fair. And he’s TOTALLY not up to anything with all that texting. Nothing. At. All.

Speaking of Del Rio, it was Big Show v Del Rio next and I must say Big Show is looking a lot leaner these days. Good on him. Their match was also pretty awesome so I’d definitely give that a watch if you haven’t already. Big Show picked up the win with an epic punch to Del Rio. After the match, Punk came down to the ring and explained to Del Rio that he was going to put him in the Anaconda Vice and won’t stop until Del Rio agreed to their match. Del Rio agreed, obvs.

Backstage to the Muppets once more where Swagger, Dolph & Vickie ended up tying up Gonzo’s arms. Mean.

It was then time for Santino v Swagger and the match was so-so. I am a fan of Swagger but it’s clear they aren’t quite sure what to do with him yet but teaming with Vickie is a step in the right direction. The match wasn’t going well for Santino until Beaker appeared with the energy drink from before and gave it to Santino. Santino, however, choked on it and ended up spitting it into Swagger’s eyes. He then rolled him up for the win.

Not long after Swagger loss, it was the turn of Vickie’s other client. Dolph v Ryder was a good match but one we’ve seen way too many times now. It’s obvious the two have chemistry but it’s also obvious the feud is going to run out of steam. Anyhoo, Ryder won the match. Woo Woo Woo.

We then had an update on Triple H who is said to be out for at least 5 weeks. We also discovered that Nash has been resigned. The plot is thickening like an artery after a KFC Double Down. After using his sombre voice for the Triple H announcement, Cole went into full asshole mode and took to the mic. Last week, he challenged JR to a Michael Cole challenge where, if Cole loses, he quits RAW. He went into a tirade about JR having bowel issues and then said JR should wear an adult nappy. I must admit, the Depends gag made me giggle. What? I’m human. Shut up.

More Muppet action where Miss Piggy was flirting with John Morrison. JoMo, however, left quickly and was replaced by Hornswaggle. I think JoMo disappearing suddenly is going to be something that happens in the future.

We then got to the main event which was a Wrestlemania rematch between John Cena and The Miz. Their match was actually really good! Again, go watch it. The twist came at the end when someone in the audience, dressed as the guy from Scream, attacked Cena. Cena batted him off and put Miz in the STF for the win. The Scream guy then ran into the ring, only for Cena to hit the AA and the man was revealed to be… R TRUTH. What… a shocker.

An interesting RAW and quite an enjoyable one too really. I liked it. Did you? Let me know, gurl.


Back With A Vengeance

Hey everyone!

Tonight is the night and another PPV has rolled around but this time it is all about Vengeance. So who will win? Here are my guesses.

Eve v Beth Phoenix (Divas Championship)

An interesting feud finally takes a new turn. It’s been a constant barrage of Beth v Kelly Kelly but now Eve is getting in on the action. Interestingly, it was Eve that gained the upperhand on Smackdown. It’s clear to everyone that this Divas Of Doom storyline for Beth and Natalya has been a major let down and it needs to go somewhere. My prediction?

Eve takes the win. This causes the DoD to argue and we finally get our Beth/Natalya feud.

AirBoom v Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (Tag Titles)

In the first of two matches for Ziggler, this title match is actually one that is interesting. It’s clear that the WWE are trying their best to make us interested in the Tag Titles again and it is starting to make me think that something is happening. As for this match, I think it’ll be interesting to see how Dolph handles it. It’s very possible that he decides to walk away, in order to focus on his US Title. I think that Dolph and Swagger would be great champions so it is very hard to choose.

In any case, I’m going to go with Dolph & Swagger picking up the win.

Sheamus v Christian

Yet again, this PPV has a match that interests me. It’s clear to see that this PPV has been set up well with some great stories. Christian has interfered with numerous matches involving Sheamus and Sheamus originally embarrassed Christian. The two are finally going to come to a head and I think it will be a good match.

I believe that tonight might just see the explosion of Team Guerrero as Vickie indicated on Smackdown that she wished for Sheamus to join the ranks. So I reckon that Christian will pick up the win and The Cougar will gain one more cub.

Randy Orton v Cody Rhodes

Finally an Orton match I’m interested in. Cody Rhodes rise has been beautifully done and, although the mask aspect is getting old, his character is continuing to develop. It’s clear that Orton is in a bit of a stalemate with stars like Big Show and Mark Henry starting to seep up to the top. This is also a match with great history behind it but it’s clear that Rhodes has come on a lot since Legacy.

It is difficult for me to picture Randy Orton losing this match, as much as I’d enjoy that so I’m going to go with Randy Orton gaining the win.

Dolph Ziggler v Zack Ryder (US Title)

The rise of Ryder has been monumental and he’s gained some great wins over Dolph in recent weeks. As I previously stated, I think this will be a night where Vickie’s Cubs gain momentum. I also don’t believe Ryder is ready to be a champion. I think he is great at what he’s doing but I just don’t see him as title worthy just yet. One day he really will be. However, I also think that Mason Ryan may be involved to perhaps try and scupper Dolph resulting in a feud between the pair. For that reason only, I’m going to predict Zack Ryder picks up the title and maybe drop it on RAW.

Triple H & CM Punk v The Awesome Truth

A story I’m not actually interested in. I know it’s a shame but I don’t see much point in this match up. I think it would’ve made more sense to make it a handicap match as CM Punk doesn’t come across that he cares all that much about what R Truth and Miz did to him. Either way, I find it hard to believe that Evil John “M’kay” Laurinaitis will step out of this one so I can imagine there will be some tomfoolery afoot! There have been little signs here and there of Laurinaitis being the culprit behind Triple H’s downfall. Notice he’s constantly texting or on the phone… a text message kicked the entire thing off. It’s also weird how the Kevin Nash angle just ended suddenly so I believe he may be involved somehow.

Either way, I don’t see Triple H or CM Punk losing so I say Team Triple Punk will win. I think AFTER the match is when it’ll really go down.

Mark Henry v Big Show (World Heavyweight Championship)

Again, another story I don’t care a lot about. I find Giant V Giant matches very limiting as there are very few moves that can be done. I am a huge fan of what Henry has been doing and I have always liked Big Show but I think that we’re going to get a match that is less quality and more slamming-people-through-tables.

It’s actually hard to pick a winner here but I think that it’d be interesting to see what they do either way. So, just on pure guess, I’m going to say The Big Show picks up the win.

Alberto Del Rio v John Cena (Last Man Standing for WWE Title)

John Cena is an expert in Last Man Standing matches and is often victorious in them. They are usually great matches and his matches with Umaga and Batista with this stipulation are a good indication of the quality. I am a Cena fan and I don’t rate Del Rio highly but even I must admit he’s done a sterling job recently. Either way, it’s clear that these two have a lot to fight out and there can only be one winner.

I think that winner will be John Cena.

But… what do you think? Who will win what? Let me know via comments, Twitter or Tumblr.


World Walkout Entertainment

So RAW this week was extremely interesting. Before I go into it, you’re probably wondering where my Hell In A Cell recap is. Well FUCK YOU, YOU’RE NOT MY MOTHER. No, for reals, I’m going to have a big post coming up with a mega gallery. I’ve just been having a REAL LIFE. SO SORRY FOR LIVING. God. You’re so mean.

So yeah, RAW. Bit odd but ultimately awesome.

The show began not so awesome because it was a Randy Orton match. I get the whole SuperShow concept but it does feel like RAW is just becoming Smackdown Lite. Either way, Orton faced off against Drew McIntyre and I guess we all kinda knew where that was going. In fact, I’m pretty sure Drew has been buried more times than the Undertaker now. Orton picked up the win but it wasn’t over as Mark Henry came down to the ring. Orton jumped out and began to attack Henry so security ran down to break it up. What seemed like 1000000000 hours later and after Orton finished displaying his athleticism, things were broken up. Also, John Laurinaitis was there. I swear, that dude gets more TV time than anybody ever.

After Henry quickly recovered over an advert break (or commercial if you’re of an American persuasion) it was time for his match. I think should do a regular segment called “Who Gonna Get Squashed By Henry” where Henry throws a chicken wing at a dart board to pick his next victim. This time it was John Morrison who actually looked like he was going to win… until, y’know, he didn’t.

Henry then took to the mic for a “chilling” (no, really. That’s what they called it. I just don’t find the guy scary) promo. He talked about the Hall Of Pain and all that kinda stuff. The thing is, we already knew Big Show was coming back because they already said so… it kinda buries the lead.

Backstage it was Team Lawsuit in a rage
They weren’t happy with COO Triple H
John Laurinaitis tried to calm them down
But they said that they wanted this sorted right now
So with that they left the office to head to the ring
And Laurinaitis just decided to start texting
In the ring they told the world of their troubles
How HHH just keeps on bursting their bubbles
After multiple speeches and a bunch of legal spiel
Triple H came down and told them to get real
He said in the good old days men used to fight
And it’s time that these guys got something right
He doesn’t care about lawsuits or idol threats
He just wants the audience to have the best
So with that he left and the lawsuit team were unhappy
Buckle up, ya’ll things are about to get nasty.

Then it was Kelly Kelly & Eve v Beth Phoenix & Natalya. The match barely got underway when Beth threw Kelly out of the ring. Kelly, however, wasn’t taking no shit and just started screaming and smashing Beth into the announce table. She totally went Carrie-at-the-prom and it was actually kind of awesome. I’ve not seen Kelly pound someone like that since ____________ (insert your own joke here). The match ended in a no contest!

Backstage, Triple H was talking to John Laurinaitis (m’kay) and John wasn’t happy that Triple H knocked him over at Hell In A Cell. God, this guy. Anyway, John said that Trips should get a vote of confidence from the locker room. Trips was totally against the idea until John went all childish and asked him if he was just scared. Triple H reacted by grabbing Laurinaitis’ tie and saying the only thing he was scared of was that the guy he was working for was undermining him. Oooh, bitch, things just got real. He then told him to round up the troops for a vote later. OMGZ, SO EXCITIN!!11

Santino Marella returned and had a match with Jinder Mahal. That’s all I’m saying. I just… no.

We then got shown a YouTube clip in which Miz and R Truth apologise to the WWE Universe because they’re suing. They basically say that Trips is totes ineffective and that it’s time someone took a stand. The best part? Someone had commented “KAYFABE LIVES!” and it showed up. Aweeesssommmmeee.

Then it was the longest match in the history of ever. Well… in recent history anyway. A 12-man Tag Team match that lasted near 40 minutes. I know. It was Team Cena (Sheamus, Kofi, Evan, CM Punk, Mason Ryan and Cena) against Team Christian (Ziggler, Swagger, Cody Rhodes, Del Rio, Otunga and Christian). Is it just me or are they kinda stepping on the set-up for Survivor Series? I mean, really. Pfft. Anyways, Team Cena won. It was a really good match actually so go watch it.

Then came the final, amazing segment. I really would say just watch it but in basic terms: everyone walked out. It began with all the superstars and referees coming out. Triple H gave a speech about how things may seem crazy but it’s under control. Wade Barrett took to the mic first and complained that things were out of control and that they were getting beaten up in car parks and shit. Triple H pointed out that it wasn’t so long ago when Barrett was doing that. Then the referees spoke up and basically said they’re not safe anymore and Trips wasn’t doing anything to help that. Then Beth Phoenix totally blew her own character by declaring that they were “just girls” and felt scared by the big scary men. Then Christian stuck the boot in. For some reason, Jerry Lawler turned up to lead the charge and basically said that he’s never had someone attack him like this before (um, Sheamus… Nexus… come on Jerry) and then said his vote was a no. Then everyone said no and slowly began walking out. This was then followed by camera men laying down cameras until the last people left were Triple H and JR. JR glared at Triple H for a moment then got up and walked out.

It was epic. So, onwards to next week. They’re pretty much saying that Triple H runs RAW and Teddy Long runs Smackdown. Triple H is COO so I dunno how that works but RAW is going to be amazing. See you back here for the recap.


Lawsuits You Sir

Hey everyone and welcome to this, the second post of this Super Sunday Special. RAW was certainly an interesting show but I must admit that it wasn’t my favourite. But, what exactly went down?

The show began with the COO
Who wanted to explain why Miz & Truth had to go
He showed a clip from
And it began clear why they’ve gone
They said that nobody would stop them cheating
They didn’t care who they were beating
Triple H said simply that they were just two liars
Why is why they’re now sadly fired
The fine they had has been transferred
To Mark Henry who remains undeterred
Triple H said that nobody was bigger than the WWE
But then suddenly he found he had company
Vickie Guerrero and Dolph came to the ring
To remand he do something about Wolverine
Dolph has a fracture on his jaw
And he wants HHH to lay down the law
But then before HHH could say another word
Cody came down and wanted to be heard
On Smackdown Orton bashed in his head
And now, instead of hair, he’s got 9 staples instead
But when HHH tried to reply he was once again stopped
This time by Christian who wanted another shot
HHH got mad and laid down the rules
That Christian would be fighting a lot of dudes
Christian went crazy and walked away
But HHH still had more to say
He told Dolph he’d have to defend his title
Against none other than an internet idol
Zack Ryder would be the guy he was facing
And with a Woo Woo Woo, HHH made his statement
But for Cody he was calm and gave him the night off
But Cody retorted and pissed Trips off
So Triple H made Cody a match
But the more he spoke, the more opponents he had
Eventually it ended up with a battle royal
Triple H left the ring and Cody began to boil.

The Battle Royal was a quick affair with your usual suspects. It saw John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson, Sin Cara, Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley, Sheamus and of course, Cody all go head to head. It was a succession of quick eliminations and we ended up with Cody and Sheamus. Cody took off his mask and went to hit Sheamus but Sheamus managed to stop him. It looked like the ginger ninja had everything in hand but then Christian ran to the ring and distracted him allowing Cody to pick up the win.

We then went backstage to John “M’kay” Laurinaitis who is the Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations but he doesn’t like to mention it. He was talking to David Otunga. Otunga was wearing a bow tie which can only mean one thing… NEW GIMMICK ALERT! NEW GIMMICK ALERT! Turns out WWE have decided to use the fact that Otunga is a Harvard Law graduate and basically Otunga wants Laurinaitis to sort the WWE out.

After that we were treated to a Kelly Kelly package. I’ve no idea why either but WWE are pushing her harder than her bra pushes up her boobs.

After we got to see why we should think Kelly is so great, it was match time as Beth Pheonix and Natalya faced Kelly and Eve. I was apprehensive that we were about to see another Beth defeat but after a relatively good match, Beth managed to pick up the win!


After the Divas it was MARK HENRY GOES SMASHHHHH time as Henry went up against the Great Khali. You can imagine what happened. Basically, Khali got the initial upperhand but then Henry slammed him down and started to attack him. It is like the WWE Creative team copy and paste the same segment every week but just replace the name of the person that is getting squashed. Oh well.

Cena then made his way to the ring to give a speech about how he’s going to hell and that the match is needed because there’s so much controversy around the belt. This annoys me in two ways because I don’t know if they’re calling it the “undisputed” Championship anymore. If they are… they should stop. Secondly, this match isn’t just necessary for that. It was also inevitable because it’s Hell In A Cell PPV. There has to be a Hell In A Cell.  Then Del Rio came out and made his way to the announce table followed by CM Punk who was wearing his announcers jacket from when he used to do commentary. I miss those days.

It was then Christian v Cena. It was actually a pretty good match and worth a watch just to hear Punk back on the mic. Things soon went awry however, when Cena launched Christian at Punk. Punk got annoyed that Cena spilt his “diet soda” again (nice wink at how it all started btw. Very nice touch) and then Del Rio took out Punk. Christian then threw Cena in the ring but Cena went to hit the AA but Del Rio kicked him in the face. Punk then ran in to kick Del Rio’s arse but Del Rio ran faster than an illegal Mexican (oh no he didn’t!) (Oh yes I did!).

Del Rio then gave a speech where he said the word Hell a few times and mentioned destiny again.

We then got to see Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder face off. The match was again, pretty good and Zack is very good in the ring. Dolph and Zack have great chemistry together which is obvious. Back to the action though, Dolph managed to pick up the win thanks to Jack Swagger getting involved.

Vickie’s Villains (totes should be their stable name. If so, I want credit) then beat on Ryder but AirBoom ran in to save him. Teddy Long (eurgh) then made his way to the ring to announce a six man tag match in which Vickie had 3 minutes to find a 3rd member. Vickie disappeared and the match got under way.

It was basically a handicap match for a while but Dolph and Swagger held their own. Vickie soon found somebody, however, in the massive Welsh guy Mason Ryan. Ryan eventually got into the match but instead of helping Swagger and Ziggler… he beat them up. Zack Ryder then hit the Rough Ryder for the win and Mason walked off smiling.

Then we were backstage again where David Otunga chatted to Vickie, Dolph, Cody and Christian. He basically said WWE were breaking health and safety rules and that they can sue if Laurinaitis doesn’t fix things. I’m liking Otunga’s new gimmick. You go, gurl.

Then it was Punk v Del Rio. Punk’s matches are always flawless and Del Rio is also very good in the ring. The match was going great until Punk decided to return the favour and launch Del Rio at Cena who was sat on commentary.

Punk continued to beat on Del Rio and eventually hit the GTS for the win. However, as soon as the referee rang the bell, the Cell was lowered. I don’t know how people didn’t notice quicker because there were flashing lights and music. Anyway, Ricardo Rodriguez decided he’d take on Punk and then do a runner. Cena, however, wasn’t having any of it and threw Ricardo back into the ring. They were all trapped in the Cell and Cena & Punk beat on Ricardo and then went to turn on each other.

Del Rio, however, soon recovered and beat them both with a steel chair.

So, who sent the text? Who lowered the Cell? So many questions!

I guess you’ll have to just stay tuned.


I Think They’ve Made A Miz-Take?

Hey ya’ll. So a shocking Night Of Champions left a lot of questions unanswered on RAW. Like, what is John Laurinaitis’ job title again? He never seems to mention. Anyhoo, on with the show.

We began the show with CM Punk
Whose face was sad, he was in a real funk
He said he was hurting and that was hard to hide
But what really hurt was his pride
He went on to say that he was wrong
But before he went further on came HHH’s song
The COO made his way to the ring
And CM Punk was happy with the news he decided to bring
HHH said he was hurting as well
And that Punk deserved a match at Hell In A Cell
So the match was made and you should make your bet
On who will win the first Hell In A Cell Triple Threat
The WWE Title on the line but what we don’t know
Is if it’ll stay with Cena or go to Punk or Del Rio
Hell In A Cell aside it was time to get personal
And Triple H had a lot of anger in his arsenal
He said that Punk needed to realise
That there was no conspiracy and that it was lies
CM Punk said that he knew that already
But the conspiracy existed and boy was it heavy
CM Punk went on to make his guess
But John Laurinaitis came out instead
Punk accused Laurinaitis of being the conspirator chief
But Laurinaitis said that was not his belief
He said he believed that it was all down to Punk
And that Punk’s motives really stunk
He then went on to do one of his pleasures
And wished Punk well in his future endeavours
But Triple H stepped in and said nobody was fired
Not until the end of the night when he discovered the true pariahs.

I enjoyed the opening part but it did make me laugh when Laurinaitis got involved. He’s as good on the mic as Stephen Hawking is as good on his legs. Also, what’s with this M’Kay thing he does after each sentence? He sounds like Mr Mackey from South Park.

The first match of the night was an 8 Man Tag consisting of AirBoom, Sheamus and Justin Gabriel taking on New Nexus, Wade Barrett and Christian.  The match was so-so and really only existed in order to build up the new Sheamus/Christian rivalry. Christian ran away from the ring and left David Otunga to take the wrap and allowed for Sheamus to pick up the win.

Backstage, a referee spoke to Triple H saying that he was worried for his and other referee’s safety due to The Miz and R Truth. Triple H said it’d be fine and to tell the men to make their way to his office as soon as they arrive. Uh oh!

Then Alberto Del Rio came in moaning that his rematch in a Triple Threat was like, totally unfair and, like, why is HHH so MEAN to him. Like OMG WTF? Triple H basically shut him down and told him that he better start being more focussed.

Del Rio then had a match against John Morrison. Do I even need to tell you the result? Me thinks JoMo is about to get a huge push… out of the door.

Then it was time for the guest host segment. We’ve not had any of these in a while so I wasn’t overly apprehensive. Plus, it was Hugh Jackman who actually makes me go giddy inside. Hugh came out and did the usual movie promotion but was interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Vickie flirted with Hugh for a while before saying that Dolph should get more recognition. Dolph then started berating Hugh and mistook him for Christian Bale at one point (“I didn’t come to the set of Batman whilst you were berating a lighting guy”). Hugh then started discussing how Cleveland was the home of the underdog, he then linked it to his movie and basically agreed for Zack Ryder to face Dolph later on. It was a cute little bit enhanced by two very cute men and my favourite WWE woman after Stephanie McMahon.

Then it was time for Sin Cara v Cody Rhodes. This match, didn’t happen because another Sin Cara came out. I’m liking the whole “which one is the proper one”  but I’m totally team Slim Cara. The other one is taller and chubbier.

Miz and Truth then arrived and went straight to Triple H’s office. We were then subjected to the CUTEST scene ever. Miz’s “sorry” face is totally fuckable. There… I made something cute nasty. You don’t even want to see what I did to my Hello Kitty pillow. Either way, Triple H accepted their apology but fined them both $250,000. EACH! Mental. Although I’m sure R Truth could’ve sent some of his teeth to Cash4Gold and got his money. Triple H then told them they had a match against Cena and Punk. AWEEESSSOMMEEE.

Then we had the OMGZ MARK HENRY IS LIKE, WELL SCARY GUYZ segment. It started off with Teddy Long coming out to tell JR to announce that Randy Orton will face Mark Henry at Hell In A Cell because he’s “cashed in” his re-match clause. I think people are starting to confused Money In The Bank with a re-match clause. Dumb. JR then invited Henry to the ring where he did his “YOU DIN’ BELIEVE IN ME” thing. I love angry Mark Henry. He reminds me of the Mum from Precious. Henry then started to attack JR and got him in some vice-like grip. Jerry Lawler then ran into the ring to stop Henry but, obvs, it didn’t work. Henry then went to slam Lawler through a table. Rumour has it that the crew forgot to rig the announce table to make it collapse easier, so Lawler went through an actual table. Ouch.

Then it was Eve and Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Eve and Ksquared got the win again which is starting to piss me off. I guess that’s the point of the storyline and eventually Beth will go psycho. Question though, when did Kharma get up the duff? I can’t remember. Will she be back like, soon? Has she dropped the baby? Someone lemme know, I can’t be arsed googling.

Then Hugh Jackman was backstage with Zack Ryder and basically called him delusional which made him perfect. They made their way to the ring where Ryder and Dolph faced off. The match was actually pretty good and Vickie got herself banned from ringside which gave Hugh time to punch Dolph. A Rough Ryder later and Zack got a win on RAW. Yeyz.

We then went backstage to where Vickie was watching. Jack Swagger then asked her to sign him on a managerial contract and Vickie agreed. The Guerrero Era is dawning upon us, folks. And I love it.

Then we went back, backstage in some locker room where Cena basically told Punk he’d be his friend for their match but after that their totes mega enemies. Punk agreed.

Then it was the main event match. It was actually really good considering that all men must’ve been tired and Punk went through hell with his match but still managed to be awesome. Punk and Cena picked up the win and after the match HHH came out. He congratulated Punk on a good match and then fired Truth & Miz.

We then went backstage where the random jobbers were watching the action (for some reason) and basically showing the shocked faces they use in the mirror. Next thing, Truth and Miz attack Triple H and are ganged up on by the locker room. Team Jobbers then threw both men out of the arena. It was uh-may-zing. Then Triple H stormed off and gave Laurinaitis evils.

But why were they fired? What happens next?



Executive Vice President Of Recapping Relations

Wassup everybody? I know I’m real behind on blogging but I’m still having too much fun. Don’t worry, my drinking funds have dwindled so I’m hopefully going to free up more time soon. So, we’ll jump right to Night Of Champions where a lot went down.

We opened with The Miz and R Truth who did their awesome new rap. Seriously, I love it. It’s a nice throwback to the Kurt Angle days (pre-DUI and general hot mess). The match between Awesome Truth and AirBoom looked set to be actually rather dull. I think it’s great that Kofi and Evan are getting gold but in all honesty, they are becoming predictable in your basic stipulation matches. This match, however, took an interesting turn when the referee missed a tag between The Miz and R Truth. Whilst the ref was getting Truth out of the ring, Miz hit the Skull-Crushing Finale and got what would’ve been a clear win. The referee, however, was too late for the count and Evan kicked out to save the titles for himself and Kofi. Enraged at the ref’s actions, Miz and Truth beat him up.

Backstage the delectable Matt Striker interviewed the pair and the two showed no remorse saying that it was time that Triple H’s reign as COO came to an end. Holy foreshadowing, Batman. My favourite bit of The Miz/Truth opener? The Be A Star video they showed right after Miz and Truth beat down an innocent referee.

Next we had to last-minute Intercontinental Championship match. I’m a huge Cody Rhodes fan (dunno if you’ve noticed) but I did fear that DiBiase would only bring me beau down in the talent levels. Turns out the Billion Dollar heir must’ve gone out and bought some in-ring skills because the match wasn’t actually half bad. The match ended when DiBiase ripped the mask off Cody Rhodes and Cody used this as an opportunity to roll up Ted. There *may* have been some tights grabbing but who cares?

Then Christian came to the ring to moan yet again how he deserves another match. Christian’s character is getting old now and I’ve not liked the guy from the start. It’s clear they were hoping for another Edge but instead they’ve just got another Jannetty. Sheamus interrupted Christian and said that he’d make him a deal. Sheamus said he’d convince Teddy to give Christian another shot as long as Christian promised to let Sheamus have the first match of his reign. Christian excitedly agreed but then Sheamus just brogue kicked him. He should’ve shouted “PSHYC, FELLA”.

A Fatal Fourway was next on the card
A win here looked pretty hard
With the US Title firmly on the line
It could’ve been anyone of their time
The match was great and the men battled tough
A-Ry, JoMo, Swagger showed their goods
But in a last ditch attempt to remain on top
Ziggler sneaked a win and Swagger was robbed
Vickie Guerrero was the real winner here
If it was Ziggler or Swagger she didn’t really care
But at least for now I can comfortably say
The Dolph Ziggler ain’t going away

Backstage, Mark Henry was interviewed by Josh Matthews. Josh kept saying that everyone basically thought Mark Henry was too fat and old to be World Heavyweight Champion. Henry, obviously, wasn’t keen on this and told Josh to come interview him after he wins.

Further backstage, Matt Striker interviewed Vickie Guerrero who declared herself the best person in the history of WWE, told Striker she deserves COO and then kissed him. I think I love her.

Then it was time for Orton v Mark Henry. I must admit, I didn’t really care for this match at all. Any match with Mark Henry was going to be pretty limited to your basic slams and having Orton thrown in the air. It turns out, I was right but it did look like Orton was going to beat the odds and join his BFFL Cena in the Superman stakes. That however, didn’t actually happen and it turns out WWE wanted to see how the audience would react to a fat sweaty black dude being the face of the company. Sadly, not everyone took Henry’s win as a good thing…

We went backstage again where John Laurinaitis was taking to Del Rio. Del Rio wasn’t happy about having his ring announcer team up with him but Laurinaitis said it wasn’t his idea. He wished Del Rio luck on his future endev… future match up. He then wished Punk luck and Punk basically said that he knew Laurinaitis didn’t mean it. Laurinaitis then reminded us of his job title. I am so bored of him repeating that, nobody else does. I get they’re trying to make him the new on-screen villain but seriously, you couldn’t get that anywhere else. If I answered the phone in work going I’m Joe, Executive Vice President Of Admin Assistance, somebody would end up getting their wig split. That somebody… is me.

It was then the Divas match between Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. I don’t even want to recap it because it makes me mad that Beth lost. Especially in her hometown. Props, however, must be given for the amazing superplex the two pulled off. I’ve never seen that in a Divas match before and was half expecting Kelly to snap into two.

Then it was Del Rio v Cena for the WWE Title. It got off to a strange start when Del Rio ended up walking to the ring. Next thing we know, Cena turns up in the car that Del Rio was supposed to be driving. Uh oh. Cole, of course, went mental and started screaming that it was Grand Theft Auto which I can’t actually take seriously anymore after playing the game. Cena then decided he should get his own intro and decided to introduce himself. He did, however, let Justin Roberts in on the action.

The match, actually, wasn’t too bad and I’m glad Cena won. I’m a Cena fan believe it or not and I don’t care for all that whining about him being Superman etc. He’s a great guy and fun to watch. So nerrr.

We then reached our finale. Triple H v CM Punk. Pride and the COO title was on the line. Would we have a new boss by the end of the match? The match itself was epic and if you don’t do anything after this recap then I demand you go find it on YouTube. It had the essence of ECW with Triple H’s amazing flare to make every single move he does look meaningful. The two slugged it out all over the area but it was when they got back into the ring that things got interesting. As the two began to battle it out in the ring, The Miz and R Truth ran down and kicked the crap out of both of them. The next thing we know, they’re letting Punk cover Triple H. The referee was reluctant to count but Miz made him. Triple H, however, kicked out so Punk and Miz beat on yet another referee. John Laurinaitis then came down to the ring as Triple H and Punk knocked Miz and Truth to the outside. Trips then hit Punk with the pedigree. As Trips pinned him, a referee ran down to the ring but was stopped by Laurinaitis. We then saw Punk hit the GTS and go for the pin. Laurinaitis then THREW a referee into the ring but R Truth broke up the count (which I don’t understand).

Then things got odder
And it wasn’t your usual fodder
John L took out his cell
And text someone to come and help
The next thing we see really took be aback
It was Kevin Nash who was on the attack
Down went Punk and then Triple H
But Nash only had one guy to disgrace
He beat on Trips like a tramp on chips
And it seemed like Punk was in on this
But we didn’t have time to blink or stammer
As Trips hit Nash with his sledge hammer
Back in the ring, Trips hit the pedigree
To make his mark in WWE history.

So Triple H won but it was clear that the EVP of Talent Relations was up to something. But what happened next? Check back soon for my RAW Recap.


CO-Oh No He Didn’t!

Hey everyone and welcome to this a recap of the Monday 5th September edition of RAW (the week before last). I had good reason for not posting this as I mentioned but then my move to University caught up to me. Anyway, here goes.

The show began with CM Punk
His legs were crossed and he was in a funk
See he doesn’t like having to face R Truth
When it’s Nash’s face he wants to abuse
He wants Nash face to face
And then it looked like he wouldn’t have to wait
Because out came Nash with his Just For Men dye
And the things he said brought on a laughter cry
Nash seems confused to the gimmick he’s got
And exclaimed he does what he likes as he’s making the WWE hot
Out came HHH to correct his friend
Nash said that this thing had to end
Nash was angry that Punk was still employed
But his push the previous week had HHH annoyed
HHH decided that one of the men had to leave
But when he chose Nash, Nash began to seethe
He pushed at Trips who with the greatest might
Punched Nash so hard he turned off a light
Then he said the words that got the crowd wired
He told his friend Nash that he was fired.

After Nash got fired, John Laurinaitis was backstage trying to stop Nash leaving. Nash refused to speak to John so John jumped into Nash’s car. I don’t want to speculate what Laurinaitis was proposing but I can imagine it’s icky and involves Laurinaitis getting his mouth covered in Just For Men: Pubic Edition.

Then we had our first match up which was AirBoom v Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali. I’m not a huge Jinder match so I pretty much spend that time having the wee I usually reserve for Divas Matches. I came back just in time to see Khali accidentally punch Mahal to allow AirBoom to pick up the win.

Meanwhile, backstage, Del Rio arrived and he looked like a man with a lot on his mind. Ooooooh.

The next match was a Diva’s Affair
To discover who might become the title’s new heir
It was Beth v Eve going head to head
Natalya and Kelly took to commentary instead
An article on had caused a stir
And Kelly said that other Divas were hurt
The article said that the division needs saving
That Beth & Natalya were the ones laying the paving
A Twitter war ensued whilst Natalya explained
That she and Beth for fed up with everything being the same
The WWE Universe liked candy because that’s what they things best
But Natalya said they should be eating vegetables instead
It seemed that veggies would win as Beth won the bout
And Kelly & Eve ended up laid out.

We then headed back to the locker room where Del Rio was trying to egg on Christian to go after John Cena. Christian instantly foiled this plan but Del Rio explained that, if it wasn’t for Cena, Christian would probably be Champion.

The match that went next was the one I mentioned before
R Truth v CM Punk looked set to be war
Before the match started R Truth had some words
Then Miz soon followed to add some vocal hurt
The two men were furious that HHH had dropped the ball
They felt they hadn’t had much attention given to them at all
They then challenged AirBoom for their tag team Gold
Miz said this would be the first step in regaining his hold
The match began and it was actually real good
But The Miz got involved more than he should
The referee had enough and sent Miz backstage
Then Punk hit the GTS to win once again
After the win HHH made his way down
He said that at the PPV he wanted to go to town
The stipulation was changed to that of No DQ
So Punk said he wanted to make a stipulation too
He said that if the No DQ rule was to be so
If HHH lost, he’d have to quit as COO
Triple H agreed and the match was made
Night Of Champions has been bumped from B to a top mark A Grade.

Backstage, Del Rio tried to recruit Wade Barrett.

Our next match then was Jerry Lawler and partner against Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. You see they weren’t happy with the way Lawler talked about them and basically took Lawler on. Lawler, however, needed a partner so he decided he wanted someone with great personality; Zack Ryder. We then got a Zack Ryder package and the match got underway. It was a so-so match with an obvious result: Ryder and Lawler won.

Again we went back to Del Rio recruiting a team against John Cena. This time it was Dolph Ziggler.

The next match I just ignored. Randy Orton v Heath Slater. I mean, really? REALLY?! REALLLLY?!

We then went to the arena back entrance (ooh, steady) and Cena arrived. An excited Zack Ryder ran up to John and tried to get him to wear his orange sunglasses to which Cena said only idiots wear sunglasses indoors (way to continue that Rock feud, WWE). Cena then made his way to the ring.

In the Ring Cena was angry that Del Rio was weak
He wanted more action, not just to speak
Out came Del Rio who said Cena would have to wait
That he wanted to make sure that their match would be great
Cena was livid but Del Rio just smiled
He had a group of men backstage that wanted to go wild
Then out came the men, all four went to town
But then some Cena Supports came out to knock those guys out
Then out came Teddy Long who made the main event match
It would be an 8 Man Tag but there’s a tiny little catch
The match was made an Elimination Tag
And it seemed like neither team really had it in the back
First out was JoMo who tapped to Jack Swagger
Then A-Ry followed and Sheamus got madder
Sheamus and Wade Barrett fought real hard
But Barrett was soon eliminated from the main event card
Christian then entered and Sheamus went crazy
But when Christian bailed things soon got hazy
The referee had counted over and over again
Then both men were eliminated thanks to the count out of 10
Swagger and Dolph Ziggler were the only bad guys left
With Cena on his own things seemed quite a mess
But with both men fighting over Vickie, Cena managed the win
But then Del Rio quickly came down and ran in
But Cena was lively and what can you say?
He came out on top and hit Del Rio with an AA.

Keep an eye out for more recaps, coming soon.